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Our new Smart RoomHub is a multi-sensor system with on-device AI which enables high energy saving, better user experience and useful business insights. Specifically selected sensors for occupancy and behaviour analysis together with our on-device AI, allow better and deeper understanding of indoor spaces, helping achieve energy savings of up to 55%, unprecedented user experience and higher efficiency on operation and maintenance tasks.

The Smart RoomHub’s goal is to offer a simple but powerful solution that enables buildings to become proactive, self-learning, flexible and adaptable. 

Why A Smart roomHub
Health, Environment and Performance

Energy Saving

Increase energy savings up to 55%


75% of people have felt tired and less productive due to bad air quality


Make your business cleaner and greener by optimising your energy consumption


Understand better your business and improve it with our data analytics
Some of our AI use cases
Heat-up / Cool-down Time: learn how much time does it take to heat up or cool down a space by analysing the heat transfer between spaces and the outside, increasing energy savings by not wasting a single second.
Peak Hours: Identify peak hours by analysing our sensors, which allows our Smart RoomHub to increase or decrease the output level in a much more efficient way.
HVAC performance on air quality: Analyse the required power level and the time for each pollutant to vary its concentration level, keeping healthy air while not wasting any extra energy.
How does it work?

A Smart RoomHub is placed in each space and is connected to the Building Management System (BMS) to control HVAC systems, lightning and any other smart devices based on occupancy behaviour analysis.

For bigger spaces, slave nodes may be deployed in order to achieve a full representation of the space

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